Bread of the Heart

The title of this post, Bread of the Heart, comes from the following Albert Camus quote: “If man needs bread and justice, and if we have to do everything essential to serve this need, he also needs pure beauty, which is the bread of his heart.”

I saw it printed in an article about Nigerian poet, playwright and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. It detailed how he had, in his writings and in the conduct of his life, sought to serve humankind. His dedication to the fight for “bread and justice” and to attain the “pure beauty” of imaginative power that fulfills the needs of the spirit inspired me to think of the artist that I desire to become in this world. Like Soyinka and others that I admire, including some dear friends I have made in my life, I too strive to live with “courage in [my] life and talent in [my] work.”

Check back in to follow my theatrical adventures and musings as I seek “the bread of the heart” in what some know as “the greatest city in the world”: New York City.

With gratitude,

Flor De Liz


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