The 52nd St Project’s PROJcast:     Mini #3 – Britney & Flor

Britney, age 18: “Any little thing that you say makes me laugh…and I don’t find that many people funny.”


In this mini episode from the 52nd St Project’s podcast, PROJcast, Britney, my Smart Partner of the last 6 years (think of a mentor/friend/artistic exploration type of relationship) and I reminisce and chat about roller coasters, dancing, family, dreams and Britney’s departure for college. You won’t want to miss this gem of a time capsule.



El Coqui Espectacular and the Bottle of Doom @ Two River Theater

Yesica: “How is this not better than doing nothing? You can mean something.”

Flor De Liz, fight choreographer David Anzuelo, and actor Gabriel Hernández ©Yurik Lozano

In 2018, I’m kicking butt and taking names 🙂 It’s a joy to be back at Two River Theater performing in the role of sidekick Yesica in the world premiere of Matt Barbot’s El Coqui Espectacular and the Bottle of Doom, directed by Jose Zayas.

From the Two River website: “In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a masked figure has been spotted: the Puerto Rican superhero, El Coquí Espectacular. In reality, it is out-of-work comic book artist Alex, who has been secretly dressing up as his favorite creation. As Alex learns that fighting crime is harder than it looks, his older brother Joe wants Alex to join him at his advertising agency, selling sugary soda to Latino consumers. Can El Coquí defeat his own self-doubt and be a hero for his neighborhood?”

Running 1/6 – 2/4/18 in the Marion Huber Theatre. For tickets and more info visit

With set design by Arnulfo Maldonado, costumes by Ásta Bennie Hostetter, lighting by Zach Blane, sound by Jane Shaw, projections by Alex Koch, fight choreography by UnkleDave’s Fight-House, and casting by Jack Doulin + Sharky.


Blue Bloods Guest Star on CBS, Friday 2/2/2018, 10pm

Anna: “I’m a teacher, Detective. Retribution is your department.”

On set with writer/executive producer Ian Biederman


It’s an honor to join the “Blue Bloods” team for episode 814. When a school yard shooting appears to be related gang activity at Carnegie Hill High, Danny and Baez enlist the help of teacher Anna Chavez to catch the perpetrator.  This episode is written by executive producer Ian Biederman and directed by Alex Zakrzweski.



Madam Secretary Guest Star on CBS, Sunday 1/7/2018, 10pm

Sofia: “Just consider me busy from here on.”

That’s a wrap! Director/actor Geoffrey Arend and Flor De Liz after wrapping episode 411


She’s back! Sofia is caught up in Vice President Hurst’s attempts to set Elizabeth up for failure while Jay continues to try to mix business and pleasure. Episode 411 is written by Alexander Maggio and directed by Geoffrey Arend. Stay tuned!




Booked Lead Role in indie “Big Exit”

Elizabeth: “Have you decided what you’re going to do?”

From writer/director Stephen Harris comes the feature length film noir indie “Big Exit.” Produced by Stacey Maltin and Marzy Hart, with Maria Rusche as our Director of Photography, “Big Exit” follows Elizabeth Menken, an insurance agent (played by yours truly), whose life is affected after witnessing a violent crime one night on the walk home from work.

Thanks to the production team; cast (Thea McCartan, Justin Sargent, Nick Choksi, Andrew Elvis Miller); film crew and casting (Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian) for an incredible experience.  


A Summer of “Stuff and Nonsense”

Chef Florence: “This line of work – celebrity cook – takes GRIT before you see glory.”

Flor De Liz and Jade are chefs battling it out in the kitchen on the set of a celebrity cooking show.

This summer I’ll be returning to the 52nd Street Project’s Wareham One-on-Ones to direct/act in an original play by Melisa Tien alongside a new kid actor! After a week away to work and play by the seaside, the troupe of adults and kids will return to the Five Angels Theater in Hell’s Kitchen to give NYC audiences what is sure to be an unforgettable treat! “Stuff and Nonsense: More Plays from the Prop Closet” running 8/18 – 8/20/17.  


Good Men Wanted @ NY Stage & Film 

V.A. White: “I don’t fear the war. I fear what come after.”

As part of the NY Stage & Film and Vassar College Powerhouse Theater Season, I’ll be performing in the role of V.A. White, a mother-turned prostitute-turned soldier, in the mainstage production of Kevin Armento’s Good Men Wanted, directed by Jaki Bradley.

This powerful production tells the true stories of five bold women who, for reasons as varied as the individuals themselves, disguise themselves as men to fight in the Civil War. 

©Vassar & New York Stage and Film/ Buck Lewis

This promises to be an extraordinary show with incredible resonance for our times. Running 7/20 – 7/30/17.

With choreography by Ani Taj, set design by Jason Sherwood, lighting by Jake DeGroot, costumes by Tilly Grimes and Ashley Rose, and sound by M.L. Dogg.



Madam Secretary Guest Star on CBS, Sunday 5/7/2017

Sofia: “Maybe you were right…this is a little complicated.” 

Sebastian and Flor De Liz after wrapping episode 321


This spring I’ll be appearing on “Madam Secretary” as Sofia Perez, a journalist and new love intrigue in Jay Whitman’s world (Sebastian Arcelus–who is a true delight to work with). Episode directed by Deborah Reinisch, written by Matt Ward. Stay tuned!






Seven Spots on the Sun @ Rattlestick Theater

Mónica: “What if we fight ourselves?”

Sean Carvajal and Flor De Liz Perez ©Russ Rowland

For The Sol Project’s second production ( have teamed up with Rattlestick Theater for the NY debut of Martín Zimmerman’s Seven Spots on the Sun, directed by Weyni Mengesha. Dedicated to producing works by Latinx playwrights, it’s an honor to share a part in Sol Project’s vision, helping bring this story to life. Seven Spots explores the themes of justice, retribution and the limits of forgiveness as a town seeks healing after their country’s civil war. I play Mónica, the wife of a miner who becomes an army sergeant. Running 5/10 – 6/4/17.

Set design by Arnulfo Maldonado, costumes by Fabian Aguilar, lighting by Amith Chandrashaker and sound by Tei Blow.


Dolphins and Sharks @ Labyrinth Theater

Xiomara: “I’m just being clear about tasks. I’ve only been manager a little over two months and I want us all workingtogetherhappy.”

Pernell Walker and Flor De Liz Perez ©Monique Carboni

It’s a real joy to announce that I’ll be part of the cast of LAByrinth Theater’s new production, Dolphins and Sharks, by James Anthony Tyler and directed by Charlotte Brathwaite. With laser-sharp dialogue and characters exploding with real heart and fire, Tyler explodes the tensions between economy, class, race, status and loyalty within the walls of a copy shop in Harlem. Running 2/9 – 3/19/17.

Set design by Marsha Ginsberg, lighting by Kent Barrett, sound by Justin Hicks, costumes by Zulema Griffin and video by Andrew Schneider. 


A Christmas Carol @ Hartford Stage

Belle: “Fred! Look! Is that your Uncle Scrooge?”

Flor De Liz with two Christmas cherubs

What would the Christmas season be without A Christmas Carol? For the past 20 years, Hartford Stage has presented this family classic, delighting new audiences every year – young and old alike – with Dickens’ tale of one man’s miraculous change of heart. In this, it’s 19th season (directed by Rachel Alderman), I’ll be joining the cast as Belle (Scrooge’s fianceé in the past) and Mrs. Fred (the jolly wife of Scrooge’s nephew). It’s an honor to be a part of this theatrical family and to be bringing some holiday cheer to the community. Join us! Running 11/25 – 12/30/16.